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Deterrence is a real-time strategy that offers a casual single player experience with inspiration from popular classics of the genre. Play as the human race in the not-too-distant future and fight malfunctioning artificial intelligence in the story-rich campaign that's complete with cut scenes and intermission briefings.

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Command your troops to victory by taking advantage of everything the battlefield has to offer. Garrison troops in civilian structures for quick defense. Build artillery batteries to pound enemy advances. Link up with satellites to reveal happenings across the battlefield. Call in air strikes, artillery strikes, and tactical nukes.

Gameplay Features

  • Instant Action
    No monotonous base building tech tree to unlock each game. Select your units and capture landing zones to bring in more supplies and call in more units.
  • Destructible Environments
    Launch your attack and leave nothing standing. Level entire battlefields with powerful artillery barrages, rocket strikes, and catastrophic tactical nukes.
  • Radio in Abilities
    Call in powerful off-map tactical aids like air strikes, artillery strikes, and tactical nukes.

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Nice concept image/poster, when will there be a playable version?

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Thanks. A couple months away. In the meantime, I'll try to post video blogs weekly. Check it out.